20 June, 2021

Ram Naik

Mumbais BJP MP sees red at a proposed Rs 15-crore pagoda for Vipasana meditators

Ram Naik
The Global Vipasana Foundation believes you're unclear about what you're protesting against.
They plan a Dhamma hall and residential quarters for 10,000 disciples. This will drain the area's civic resources.

They insist it won't be a tourist centre and there'll be no facilities for overnight stay?
I'm going by what their brochure says.

Your objections are not against the hall as such?
I assume people who practice vipasana are noveau riche. Maybe they will attain peace simply by working towards the improvement of the poor fisherfolk they'll be displacing.

Does your protest have anything to do with the involvement of Vipasana disciple Subhash Chandra Goel, chief of Zee TV?
He's a good acquaintance. I knew him even when I protested against Esselworld.

But you changed your stance on it after authorities proved it was legal.
This is different. This time they have converted a no-development zone into a tourist zone, which means they get increased floor space index. Even if it's legal, when the...

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