16 January, 2021

Ram Jethmalani

The lawyer-turned-minister on how he plans to transform Delhi into a heaven

Ram Jethmalani
You made a big splash talking about demolishing Lutyens' Delhi and then retracted.
I have a troubled conscience on the quality of life in this part of Delhi. More useful and aesthetic structures can be built to provide more housing.

Is this in line with the BJP- RSS- VHP agenda to remove the symbols of colonialism?
Nonsense. India had decent houses during the Mohenjodaro civilisation. Who said that congested houses are a part of Indian heritage?

Won't privatising construction turn Delhi into more of a concrete jungle?
Not at all. I am anxious to preserve the beauty and lungs of Delhi, but I'm also committed to creating two million houses a year.

Do you think Delhi has the infrastructure to take on this extra load?
I won't put the cart before the horse...I'll create the infrastructure and then the houses.

The real estate market's in a glut. Will private builders pump in money?
Sure. Unaffordable land prices and illegal monopoly created by DDA has led to this situation. Even foreign investors...


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