26 September, 2020

Rajnath Singh

Yes, I really did say I did not know what was meant by the phrase ‘love jehad’...

Illustration by Saahil
Rajnath Singh

This being a secret diary, it can take in both good and bad jottings. Now some home truths. Yes, I really did say I did not know what was meant by the phrase ‘love jehad’. You know, the problem with India is most people invent words and phrases which they use freely without ever understanding what these really mean. Love jehad is both English and Hindi, one is okay but not the other. But the combined love jehad? I thought of asking our HRD mantriji Smriti behen but my babus asked me to drop the idea and instead suggested Nirmalaji. She was initially  puzzled. I confessed to her that I thought love jehad was the title of a new Karan Johar film, his usual Hindu-Muslim bhai-bhai theme with Shahrukh singing, dancing and hamming.

Yes, I and Nirmalaji talked over the issue, but she rattled along like a machine gun (one of my babus compared her to a female Harsha Bhogle) and I missed out on a lot. She did say something about love jehad being some sort of oxy...oxy...oxygen...no, no, oxymoron. Yes, that’s it, oxymoron. But what is an oxymoron? I vaguely...



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