27 July, 2021

Raja, A King Pinned

Have we got the most wanted man in the 2G scam? Or is he a mere cog in a more complex wheeling deal?

Jitender Gupta
Raja, A King Pinned

This is not the first reputation that has sank or the last voice that has been shamed by the Niira Radia tapes. Far from it. But there is something quite central—and infinitely more charged with symbolism—about the arrest of former telecom minister A. Raja and a few of his associates by the Central Bureau of Investigation. It’s a huge comedown for a beleaguered government that’s spent the past three years trying to deny, ignore, paper over, even subvert, the true import of the 2G spectrum allocation scam. If the powers-that-be had had their way, A. Raja would still be the telecom minister of the UPA government. That he’s now finally behind bars could be a body blow—or a political and judicial face-saver—for the Congress-led UPA government.

The UPA’s many attempts at “managing the environment” have been swept away by forces beyond its control. The public anger against corruption—the Adarsh Society scam or the Commonwealth Games, amongst others—has been too loud to...

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