15 May, 2021

Raj Rewal

The architect on exhibiting at Centre Pompidou, Paris, and his love for modern architecture

Raj Rewal

What is your exhibit at Centre Pompidou about?

The synthesis of rapid industrial development and the awareness of one’s secular cultural roots.

Should public buildings lean towards symbolism or should they be functional?

The first job of a building is to fulfil its function. I believe light, space and structure are the three main elements. The building must have an expr­ession or rasa with which people can identify. In public buildings, symbolism is important.

Public buildings in India leave a lot to be desired. Do we lack talent?

I believe public buildings should be given to architects through an architectural competition, not on the basis of who charges the lowest fee. Here the maintenance factor is given little importance.

Is innovative architecture valued in India?

There is limited awareness. While the world of music, literature, sports are dutifully covered, one rarely reads a piece on good architecture.

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