29 July, 2021

Raj Kumar Santoshi

The directors Rs 20-crore China Gate is the costliest Indian film made to date

Raj Kumar Santoshi
China Gate has been dogged by controversy. How does it feel to be near completion?
At present I am too involved in the post-production. There has been just no time to sit back and react.

Is it true there was underworld intervention involved in getting Mamta Kulkarni back?
It's all over now. I don't know who provoked her or what made her resort to a defensive attitude.

What is China Gate about?
It's inspired by Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai. The concept of a group coming together to help a village is the same. But my story is different. A large-scale entertainer, it does not have a major star cast but has very good actors.

What is the film going to give its viewers?
Akira Kurosawa said: "I want to make a film so entertaining that Akira Kurosawa said: "I want to make a film so entertaining that people should want to eat it up." I have attempted this.

Most hit films have the word pyar in them. Would you have been better off naming this Love Gate or something?
I'm not insecure. I don't have to...

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