22 October, 2020

Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Ironically, hunters' memories bring to life a once rich wildlife

Raiders Of The Lost Ark
Volume of the Oxford Anthology Indian Wildlife is a book about and shooting many of thesehuntingofOLUME accounts stretch backand into the last century. Extracted from some lovely antiquarian books, the editor's managed to bring out interesting facets of wildlife around the hunt. For instance, William Rice's record of hunting in Rajputana reveals how wild dogs were abundant in eastern Rajasthan. Today they're extinct. Some of the descriptions will make the mouths of many ex- hunters and poachers water— accounts of pig sticking, bustard shooting, hunters' descrip- tions of now- extinct animals like cheetahs and the Javan rhinoceros. The Javan rhinoceros was once found in the tiger- infested mangroves of the Sunderbans and there's a superb account from the last century of this rare animal by Frank Simon. There's also a unique account of the two- horned Sumatran rhino in Burma, now found only in Malaysia and Indonesia.

A sportswoman's account of hunting Himalayan black bear; Isabel Savory's hunting exploits in Kashmir; snatches of narrative that reveal the hunter's...



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