11 May, 2021

Rahul Ram

The lead singer of Indian Ocean on his music and the biopic on the group, Leaving Home

Rahul Ram

Indian Ocean is one of the few music groups in our country to have a biopic.

The director, Jaideep Varma, approached us and said he wanted to make a film. We agreed.

Is the film a collaborative effort?

There was no agenda from our end to boost sales. We abided by the director’s ideas.

Could it have been part-biopic, part-fiction?

We’re not actors. We love being ourselves.

Is it possible to make a living as a musician in our country today?

With TV, advertising, concerts and gigs thriving, it is possible. But there’s still a lot of struggle and no easy money. There’s luck too. Above all, that mad stubborn streak is a must to survive.

What do you think of reality music shows?

They end up making performers out of average singers. How many make their own music? No originals singers get promoted here.

Whose music do you enjoy?

My personal...

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