14 June, 2021

"We Choose Black Money Holders"

Wanted in a number of cases of murder, kidnapping and ransom, Sanjay Khanna was lodged in a Mumbai jail till recently before he jumped bail and slipped into Dubai. A key member of the Babloo Srivastava-Irfan Goga gang, Khanna organises kidnappings a

"We Choose Black Money Holders"

Who are your targets?

We target only those who earn money through unfair means like drug smuggling and have links with the underworld. We have never abducted an innocent person. When we attempted to kidnap Shaukat Sarkar, a big builder of Mumbai in 1993, the police created a lot of hue and cry. But now Sarkar has been arrested and the police say that he earned a fortune through drug smuggling.

How do you recruit your hitmen?

As of today Babloobhai has 200-250 active boys all over the country. It becomes our responsibility to look after their families. The magnitude of unemployment in the country is so high that the recruitment becomes easier. Our phone numbers are available everywhere. We have to earn money to run such a huge gang. Where else do we get the money from?

How do you identify your targets?

Apart from our regular boys there are 'white' (clean) people connected with the underworld. They give us information. We collect the bio-data of the person to be targeted. Only black money holders are...

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