04 December, 2020

"There Is A Serious Possibility Of An Indian Attack"

Ruling out the likelihood of talks with India in the immediate future, Pakistan foreign minister Gohar Ayub Khan says Islamabad is prepared for any eventuality, including a military strike by India on its nuclear installations. In fact, he warns that

"There Is A Serious Possibility Of An Indian Attack"

How serious is the Indian threat on Kashmir?

The BJP had said that they would destroy the Babri Masjid. They did so brick by brick. Then they said during the election that they would go for the nuclear test and induct nuclear weapons. They did so. They have done it all. So, they have done all that they have said they will do. Their threat of hot pursuit today means there is a serious possibility of an attack. This is not mere rhetoric. Since the BJP came to power, the top leadership is in a state of 'nirvana'. It has told the West to go to blazes. They are really reckless. We are watching their movement very carefully. They have already moved two brigades in occupied Kashmir. If they move, there will be further repression against freedom fighters. They will also violate all human rights there. The movement in Kashmir is sustained from inside. Because if anyone other than a Kashmiri goes inside, for example an Afghan, his language, dress, features and the way he eats is totally different from the local chaps. The BJP will try a hot pursuit and...



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