16 January, 2021

"The Net Will Bring The Biggest Change In The Child Student"

He is called the Nostradamus of the digital world. Dr Nicholas Negroponte studied at MIT where as a graduate student he specialised in the then new field of computer-aided design. He joined the Institute faculty in 1966 and was also a visiting profes

"The Net Will Bring The Biggest Change In The Child Student"

How will the digital economy affect our lives?
Hasn’t it started affecting your life yet? If you are using the Net, chances are you are already part of the digital future. But it hasn’t stopped there. Telecommunications-for instance, mobile phones and videoconferencing-television, medicine, education...work in all these areas has already been transformed by the digital wave. You see, digital is not just a piece of technology. It’s a medium. Just like we use language to converse, digital is a medium by which man and machines will communicate. In the future, you will see a clear distinction between atoms and bits. Atoms are that which make the physical world. Bits are information-information that’s shared by people with people, people with machine, and machine with machine. Bits are going to morph and explode. For example, if you are reading a newspaper or a magazine, it may not exist in the same format in the future on a piece of paper produced by felling wood. Instead, you may read it on an...



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