20 October, 2020

"The Guilty Are Squirming"

Cleaning the system is never easy, but a beginning has to be made somewhere

"The Guilty Are Squirming"

Reactions to my revelations in the last issue of Outlook were along expected lines and have made me both happy and sad. Happy because I can sense the guilty squirming and sad because the few brave hearted have not come out in the open even thought they are in know of each and every dirty truth.

I must clarify, however, that the main aim is not to launch a witch-hunt or to settle personal scores. We must attempt at all levels to cleans the system and launch a debate on where exactly we will land up if we continue to be puppets in the hands of money power. The issue is of allowing and ensuring pure cricket to prevail. I hope I have been able to convey to the top brass that all is not well. Now it is u to them t set it right, which can only be done by looking forward and not backward. Besides, no purpose world be served by feigning ignorance.

My cricket always had a fighting quality about it, and I was never diplomatic. Since I could never tolerate the quirky ways of the people in command I never could get to serve my country better. My refusal to comply with...



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