24 June, 2021

"Off To Look For Guns And Molls"

"Off To Look For Guns And Molls"


ONE of the nicest things about a general election for many Indian hacks is that sooner or later it ends up as a reunion with friends from the international media jet set. It only takes a small club, after all, to cover a large circus. "Hi, it's a voice from your past," crackles the answering machine twice a day, disgorging polyglot accents from Sydney to Stockholm. Pushing your deadline out of the way, you catch up with half-remembered ghosts from elections gone by. "Remember, how we nearly got shot following Sanjay when he lost Amethi in 1977," goes the friendly chit-chat, or "Too bad I missed Rajiv's blowup last time. I believe the New York Times woman got the story".

These are not tasteless or cynical conversations. Spare a dime for some of us who, for 20 years or more, have been running into one another in some A-grade hotspots: Punjab, Kashmir, Bhopal, riots, assassinations and bomb blasts. An Indian election was never a story in that league but it used to promise some B+ action: there was plenty of...

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