29 July, 2021

"It's A Free Country"

The US thinks India's unduly worried over the Lashkar rally

"It's A Free Country"

The Clinton administration's reaction to the Pakistani government allowing the militant organisation, the Lashkar-e-Toiba, to hold a massive rally near Lahore last week was interesting, to say the least. Speaking to Outlook, a source said: "We're aware that this organisation is considered very militant, even by Pakistani standards, but we don't really think it is something the Indian government should be worrying about unnecessarily... It is an expression of their democratic rights."

When reminded that Pakistan was under military rule when usual democratic rights are supposedly suspended, he pointed out, "It is always a good sign when a military government allows free expression of political persuasions and lets diverse political organisations hold public demonstrations."
Adding that the US Constitution allows the Ku Klux Klan to hold demonstrations, he said: "It doesn't mean the US government agrees with the racism and bigotry propagated by the Klan. In fact, the rights of the Klan to protest are not just...

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