03 August, 2021

"I'm Shielding No One"

A.N. Jha, chairman and managing director, NPCC, feels that he is on the way to turning the company around, and all those corruption charges are just motivated hurdles in his path.

"I'm Shielding No One"

On salaries not being paid:The corporation is carrying a surplus workforce of about 1,100. We are fully dependent on the government for non-plan loans, assistance as well as budgetary support. The salaries have not been paid only in the closed units for 10 months. As soon as the funds are received, the salaries shall be released. I am sorry to say that I am heading an organisation which is incurring cash losses and unfortunately where salaries are not being paid.

On shielding corrupt officials and giving  them key positions:This is incorrect. Itmay be appreciated that in the process of maintaining discipline, officers have to resort to strict measures. These, in turn, lead to a number of motivated complaints. I have not put any tainted official in any key position with any additional financial and administrative powers except those delegated already.

On the Malhotra case: Malhotra was reinstated by the competent authority after examining all aspects relating to the case, when none of the charges against Malhotra could be established. The...

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