29 July, 2021

"Ideologies Have No Meaning"

The BJP vice-president, J.P. Mathur, is a veteran in the saffron ranks. One who has seen the party grow from a fledgling to one in full bloom. Naturally, he is perturbed at the horizontal  expansion of the party. From cultural nationalism to a b

"Ideologies Have No Meaning"
What do you think of inducting the reunited socialists into the BJP-led NDA?
George Fernandes is very helpful and will hope-fully continue to be helpful and cooperative as before, even after the o rmation of the new Janata Dal.

BJP leaders claim Fernandes didn’t  f o rm the leadership before inducting a JD faction in the NDA.
We are confident of sorting things out, but I must say George’s move is very disheartening. He did not inform anyone in the party. As an ally, it was his duty to do so in good faith.

Why do socialists want to join you?
Naturally, the JD wants to take the help of a massive pro-BJP wave and Vajpayee’s unparalleled image. In the past, they have voted against us, and most of these leaders have called the B J P a communal party, and criticised its basic character even after the formation of the BJP-led government

Does ideology haveno meaning?
Ideological slogans have lost their meaning. All those who have opposed us in the past now want to reap the benefits of the pro-BJP wave.


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