24 November, 2020

"I Have No Doubt That India Will Act"

Sri Lankan foreign minister Lakshman Kadirgamar spoke about the likelihood of peace moves and India’s role in any such negotiations to Waruna Karunatillake on Thursday in Colombo. Excerpts:

"I Have No Doubt That India Will Act"

How would the LTTE’s military gains in Jaffna affect any future peace negotiations?
It’s clear the LTTE is trying to manoeuvre itself into the best possible bargaining position. Paradoxically, this is not such a bad sign if their aim is the negotiating table. To try and secure the best possible position en route the table is an old tactic. My feeling is, in some ways, the net is closing around them. I don’t mean militarily, but that there’s more awareness globally. The LTTE’s going to find many countries breathing down its neck. How they handle it will be interesting to watch. I don’t feel they can turn a blind eye to it.

What’s Colombo’s perception of India’s possible role?
I don’t think we should expect the impossible from India. In Sri Lanka there’s a mood in favour of India coming in, doing something. ‘Don’t lie low, forget the IPKF, start all over again’ and so on-all that’s easily said. But it’s a highly complex problem for India. Don’t forget it’s a...



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