16 May, 2021

"Fleas Will Rule The Ice Age"

What drives people to create something out of nothing? Ambition? Money, power or genes? Or, mood of the times? The question assumes significance as business rules are rewritten globally and new vistas of entrepreneurship opened up every day. Manageme

"Fleas Will Rule The Ice Age"

What are the qualities you need to be a true alchemist?
True alchemists, as we found out in a study of 29 such people living in London, have three common Ds in their character-dedication, doggedness and difference. They’re passionate about what they do, can keep going when things are tough and believe they are making some important contribution and thus difference to the world. They realised their dreams.

We asked them: how did you come to be this way? It turned out that they nearly always were second or third-born. The first-borns might be successful but they’re more conforming. These people in contrast were more experimental. Second, they were told by someone when in their teens that they were ‘special’. That gave them self-confidence. These people left school early. Some joined corporates but didn’t quite fit in and would leave. Based on these observations, we felt the business world was increasingly getting divided into what we call ‘elephants’ and ‘fleas.’

Unusual terms to describe businesses...

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