23 September, 2020

"Dissent Shouldn't Be Crushed"

Jitendra Prasada first met Indira Gandhi in 1970 through his mentor H.N. Bahuguna and successfully contested the general elections next year. A four-term MP from Uttar Pradesh, he is now being viewed as an alternate power centre in the Congress. Exce

"Dissent Shouldn't Be Crushed"

The Congress pledges to fight against the Left parties, the BJP and the regional parties together. Given your present strength, is it not an absurd call?

It is not something we claim we will achieve instantly. What we have stated is that regionalism, casteism and communalism divide society. So do communists, votaries of the class struggle. We have pledged to fight against all of them. We know it might be a long-drawn struggle.

But is it not a contradiction that you support a government with Left and regional parties and yet promise to fight it?

No. As the most important nationalist party, we know the national and international repercussions an absence of government might bring in. But we also know that at times, a supportive role harms our (Congress) interest as we will

be seen supporting the government's failure or lack of direction as well. We want to cautiously keep assessing all this.

The Calcutta plenary, mainly the CWC election, has brought to the fore the rift between Kesri and you. Won't that weaken the party?

In the Congress,...



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