06 March, 2021

"Dismiss These Two Governments"

With a tripod walking stick in hand, Abdul Karim is an epitome of inexhaustible strength. The father of Shakeel Ahmed, an SI killed by Veerappan, is unrelenting in his spite for the Karnataka and Tamil Nadu governments. His petition before the apex c

"Dismiss These Two Governments"

You seem to be the lone ranger in this crusade against the government’s decision to withdraw cases against Veerappan’s associates?
I don’t feel lonely because all non-political persons, innocent persons, and the entire police department, with the exception of some villains, are with me. My cause has been taken up by the President of India, so what more do you want? If he dismisses these governments and calls in the army, Veerappan will come crawling, begging for mercy. With the exception of the government headed by Veerappa Moily (1992-96), all the chief ministers have succumbed to Veerappan's pressure because all the MLAs had their own ulterior motives for the bandit to roam scot-free. Raju Gowda (a Congress legislator) has employed Veerappan to do illegal things and run rackets for him. Besides, the legislator has also influenced others. The quarry contractor lobby is also involved in this game.

So, what you are effectively saying is that there is a nexus between politicians and Veerappan?
Yes. I will file an...

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