25 July, 2021

Queen Of An Empty Vessel

To hold Tanu-Manu up as part of the filmography that reveals the spirit of women’s liberation in small-town India is ridiculous.

Queen Of An Empty Vessel

I like Kangana Ranaut for refusing crores to endorse a fairness cream on the grounds that celebrities should have responsibilities. I wish the male hunks of Bollywood would learn from this wisp of a woman from the hills. But I have to say that Tanu Weds Manu Returns bored and irritated me. I came away wondering what all the fuss was about. It is the worst film starring this actress I have seen, whose unusual look had struck me years ago in Gangster (where the now-destroyed Shiny Ahuja was incredible). I thought she was more interesting than Priyanka Chopra in a small role in Fashion, where she played the doped/burnt out model. Queen, the film and its leading lady, were utterly charming.

What has set her apart is that she managed to break into the Bollywood big league without appearing as arm candy for a dominant male character.

Perhaps she has not been selected for such parts as she does not fit the conventional ‘object of desire’ look. If so, then good for her! No doubt, the prevailing divas, the Katrinas and...

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