27 July, 2021

Quarantine Diary

Rashmi Tikku, professor of English in Nagpur university, lives in Delhi and shares her experience of home quarantine after testing positive for Covid-19

Illustration by Saahil
Quarantine Diary
Sceptic To Unwilling Convert

Though the coronavirus was ubiquitous, I was a sceptic. I did not believe in the virus despite the 24 x 7 coverage. I remember telling a friend that though Delhi was teeming with cases, I did not personally know anyone who had got the disease. Perhaps the corona deity heard this and my ‘lack of faith’ invited the visitation.

My husband and I did take all precautions though. We dutifully tried to ‘build’ our immunity with Septilin, turmeric, lemonade, zinc and Vitamin C and D. We washed our hands like Lady Macbeth. Masks, disposable gloves and sanitisers were always by our side. I had even bought an oximeter, which pegged our oxygen saturation levels at 99 per cent. It felt like we were taking part in a pantomime, that somehow it wasn’t real.

That changed one fine Sunday afternoon when my husband came home after a shopping chore drenched in sweat and announced that he wasn’t feeling...

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