27 January, 2021

Put My View On The Table

Dalits, OBCs in India’s colleges are using beef as a symbol of a resurgent identity

Jitender Gupta
Put My View On The Table

“Non-Brahmins have evidently undergone a revolution. From being beef-eaters to have become non-beef-eaters was indeed a revolution. But if non-Brahmins underwent one revolution, Brahmins had undergone two. They gave up beef-eating, which was one revolution. To have given up meat-eating altogether and become vegetarians was another revolution.”

—B.R. Ambedkar


The Beef Menu

  • Available In Kerala, West Bengal and the states of the Northeast, there’s no restriction whatsoever
  • Partial Ban In UP, Andhra, Orissa, Bihar, M’rashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Delhi, Punjab and Haryana, cow slaughter is banned. No ban on slaughter of bulls and buffaloes.
  • Total Ban In Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat, there’s a complete ban on cow slaughter



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