05 August, 2021

Purse Stirrings

Farooq Abdullah's extravagance turns Delhiwards this time, with a whopping Rs 6-crore renovation of the J&K House

Jitender Gupta
Purse Stirrings
His flamboyant and extravagant style has many complaining in hushed tones. As chief minister of a turbulent state, many wonder why he spends more time on the golf course than in the state secretariat. But Farooq Abdullah is brazen enough to say "I'll continue to play golf and dance or do whatever I like. I do it to keep my sanity. Let people say whatever they want."

So, what's Farooq's latest fad? The chief minister recently directed the state Project Construction Corporation to refurbish the J&K House in New Delhi's posh Prithviraj Road area. And it won't be a simple repairs job. Instead, it's an exorbitant renovation exercise, expected to cost the state exchequer a whopping Rs 6 crore.

Why Rs 6 crore? Because Farooq Abdullah isn't just extravagant, he also has good taste. Nothing less than Italian marble will do for him. The corridor that leads up to the four-room complex housing the CM's suite is being laid out in different varieties of Italian marble. As is the flooring in all four rooms—the visitor's room, the dining area, the living room and, of course, the...

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