12 May, 2021

Purana Killers

A 230-year-old Punjab fort is now a homestay

Jitender Gupta
Purana Killers
  • How to reach: 60 km by road from Chandigarh. 300-odd km from Delhi, via Karnal, Ambala, Kharad and Ropar.
  • Tariff: Rs 6,500-7,500 per night with breakfast. Book online at deepthefort@yahoo.com and mandybharatgarh@yahoo.co.in or mobile  91-9417411938. Only cash accepted.


The first night I slept rather fitfully. The bedside light turned on, TV tuned in to a soothing music channel and purposeful conversations carried on incessantly on Twitter, with friends and strangers alike, to keep the fear of the long eerie shadows (cast by the lantern outside) at bay. It could happen to you too if you were to arrive at Bharatgarh Fort on an inky, moonless night.

As you turn in to the unlit, bumpy village road off the hectic Ropar-Manali highway, it’s difficult to get your bearings right amidst dark stretches of farms and forests visible only intermittently in the car’s headlights. It’s a short drive up the hillock where Bharatgarh Fort sta­nds in...

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