18 September, 2020

Psst...Can We Have A Talk?

The absence of inclusive deliberations is the bane of the UPA.

Sanjay Rawat
Psst...Can We Have A Talk?

The storm Rahul Gandhi raised on the convicted MPs ordinance issue has sent out a warning signal to ruling classes of all hues—to his own party bosses, to the high and mighty Narendra Modi and to any dark horse that might emerge after the 2014 general elections. The revolt is not only against the prime minister’s decision-making style, it questions the way his own party establishment handles serious issues. The message: No imperious prime minister can decide the nation’s fate without wide-ranging consultations. One may get away with humiliating a Keshubhai Patel or a Kashiram Rana in Gujarat, but, in a highly fractured Parlia­ment, high­-hand­ed­ness will backfire.

Consider what made Rahul speak out. He had not been taken on board on a crucial issue, one on which president Pranab Mukherjee had raised questions and sought clarifications from three ministers. With the Congress vice-president in the dark, other senior leaders could not have been in the know. A party must have a forum for free expression of views, where the discourse can be...



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