06 August, 2021

Prod For The Lone Wolves

The US prez’s actions can likely increase the allure of jehadis

Prod For The Lone Wolves

On Friday, January 27, President Donald Trump issued an executive order that banned the entry into the US of Muslims from seven countries: Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen. The order also banned the entry of Syrian refugees, the establishment of “safe zones” for them in their country itself, and instructed American agencies to collect information on foreign-­born persons in the US who have been radicalised after entry into the US and have carried out terrorist acts. The order added that, in future, refugees who face rel­igious persecution will be allowed entry into the US on a priority basis—provided they are minorities in their countries. There are suggestions from Trump officials that more countries could be added to the list.

The inclusion of the seven countries has caused consternation among observers: no national from these countries has caused the death of any US national in a terror act. Again, all terror acts in the US since 9/11 have either been the handiwork of US residents or of nationals from countries that have been...

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