19 September, 2020

Print’s Net Gains

The proliferation of dotcoms is a windfall for traditional media, as a generous adspend is channelled their way

Print’s Net Gains

The dotcom business is booming all right, spreading happiness all around. But the biggest gainer from the prosperous new economy has been the traditional media, which has made a fast dotbuck in advertisement revenues.

In the 13 months from January 1999 to January 2000, dotcom companies have spent over Rs 35 crore in print advertising. More important is that almost all of this business has flowed in after September.

Of the Rs 35 crore, less than Rs 1 crore was spent till September. December and January 2000 each accounted for nearly Rs 12 crore. The top five spenders accounted for Rs 23 crore. The rest came from over 125 other companies. February trends just go on to confirm the surge.

Rediff.com, the numero uno advertiser, has spent nearly Rs 7 crore from October to January with an average of Rs 1.5 crore every month. Indiatimes, which comes second, used up over Rs 5 crore in the three months from November to January. Satyam Online, the third biggest advertiser, spent close to Rs 6 crore in those three months.

The biggest beneficiaries have been the leading...



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