11 April, 2021

Press, The Neuralgic Nerve

The price of truth has gone up grievously, paid for with the lives of our reporters

Illustration by Sarnath Banerjee (Sarnath Banerjee is an artist, filmmaker and India’s first graphic novelist)
Press, The Neuralgic Nerve

Our Press Heroes

India ranks 105 out of 175 nations on the press freedom scale of Reporters Sans Frontieres

  • Freelance journalist Hemchandra Pandey is killed by cops in an alleged encounter in July 2010 in Adilabad district, Andhra Pradesh
  • Hindustan correspondent Vikas Ranjan is shot dead in Bihar in November 2008
  • Indian Express correspondent Vijay Pratap Singh dies in a bomb explosion in July 2010 that was aimed at killing a local politician
  • Konsam Rishikanta of Imphal Free Press is blindfolded, gagged and shot dead by unknown gunmen in November 2008
  • Photographer Javed Ahmed Mir is shot dead allegedly by security forces in August 2008


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