05 August, 2021

Prehistoric Harvest

65 million-year-old dinosaur eggs are unearthed in Maharashtra

Prehistoric Harvest

THE prehistoric has taken precedence near Anandwan, the leprosy centre in Warora, Maharashtra, where Baba Amte and his workers are busy creating history. Thousands of fossilised dinosaur eggs have been found by paleontologist, Dr G.L. Badam of Deccan College, Pune, and his team in Pisdura, a village about 10 km north of Anandwan. Also found were bone fragments, shells and faecal matter. This, says Dr Badam, "has been a nesting site for the sauropod dinosaur".

Oval, about 13 cm long and five times the size of hen eggs, these endless rows of eggs are being dated back 65 million years. The age represents the end of the cretaceous era, the geological period just before the earliest mammal appeared on the scene when hundreds of species, including dinosaurs, suddenly became extinct.

While locals worship their ‘sacred stones’ and children play with them oblivious of their significance, the region is proving to be a paleontologist’s delight. The different layers of soil have thrown up antiquities belonging to historic periods as...

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