11 May, 2021

Praful Patel

I am a businessman first and then a politician. I don’t speak out of turn...

Illustration by Sorit
Praful Patel

With elections round the corner, the time has come to keep all options open. In politics there are no permanent friends or enemies. Politics is the last refuge of...(I better not go there). There is no alliance which can be permanent.

I am a businessman first and then a politician. I don’t speak out of turn, particularly when elders are present. In my party, the NCP, my leader speaks first and then perhaps some of us. But I can think like Sharad Pawar and that was why I told the media that all options had to be kept open in times like this when the Congress is plunging downhill.

And I know the problems of going downhill, I have studied it from up close. You see, I am also the president of the All India Football Federation and I watched from close quarters India sliding downhill from position 125 to 198 or thereabouts. The Congress is doing the same and the NCP has to be careful or it will be dragged down along with it. You see, an alliance works only when you are winning. If you are losing, you should dump your partner and seek new allies. But what have we...

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