18 June, 2021

Power To The People

Invertor-sellers make hay through Delhi's summer of darkness

Power To The People

WITHIN hours of the capital's newspapers publishing the load shedding schedule for the city on May 2, panic-stricken Delhiites sent the sales of one product rocketing. The invertor, that ungainly box with its brace of batteries, has suddenly become the chief topic of conversation in offices, homes, buses, everywhere. For, the awful truth is that everyone in the capital is going to spend at least four hours every day this summer without power. The flood of orders has created a waiting list with every invertor supplier in the city: five days to a week between the placing of order and installation. And the Bengali's refrain, that what he thinks today, the rest of India thinks approximately five years hence, is being proved right this time at least.

The invertor helped most of Calcutta survive the intense power cuts in the '70s and '80s, before a superbly efficient power minister, an unshackled Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation, and a fall in industrial power consumption made the City of Joy power-sufficient. Harassed Delhiites are now the big new market. Just ask...

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