20 October, 2020

Power, The Leveller

Why don't women's movements address real 'empowerment'?

Power, The Leveller
CONCEIVED at the United Nations Conference on Women at Nairobi in 1985, Women and Politics World -wide edited by Barbara J. Nelson and Najma Chowdhury took nine years to be born. These two dedicated and determined women professors-turned-activists have managed to motivate women from 43 countries, representing three-fourths of the world's population, to analyse and present women's struggles within diverse cultures and political systems.

But given the fact that the Country Chapter writers have been asked to select any three areas of importance to women in their countries for their study, the spectrum is wide and not focused on women's political participation, as the title of the book would suggest. What we have is a situational analysis of the status of women and issues that have helped to mobilise women to unite or act. While there is no doubt that organising women into groups to fight for what is their right (as was the case in South Africa) might eventually lead to greater political participation, this book has only managed to capture the activist movement which is...



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