27 July, 2021

Power Puff Boy

The acidulous Ajit Pawar has to avoid trouble, match MNS in brashness

Fotocorp (From Outlook 22 April 2013)
Power Puff Boy

Feb 2011, on his working philosophy: “Nothing can happen in politics unless you are a thug. I am a ruffian.”

Feb 2011, on media reporting farmers’ issues:“You people should be banned...you’ll understand when you are beaten up.”

April 2013, on farmers’ demand for water: “If there’s no water in the dams, where should I get it from? Should I urinate in the dams? When there is no water to drink, it is difficult to urinate as well.”

April 2013, on powercuts, load-shedding: “I have noticed that more children are being born, now that the lights are going off in the night. There is no other work left then.”


Wish to see a man with a single-point agenda? Look no further than Ajit Pawar, deputy chief minister of Maharashtra. Sharad Pawar’s 54-year-old nephew only wants to become the next CM. Ajit Pawar is a strange mix of ambition, arrogance and aggression. All three are...

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