14 May, 2021

Power Comes In Many Guises

From hybrids to hydrogen: What is the real alternative to fossil fuels?

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Power Comes In Many Guises

Clean air. It’s the one cause that developmental directives and energy policies draw their bre­ath from. The immediate ­reason why governments are planning to curb the sale of ­petrol and diesel fuelled cars sooner than later. It is the most compelling out of many reasons to switch to a pure electric or hybrid powertrain—other reasons ­include the need for renewable ­energy, the sustainable use of power, long-term cost-effectiveness and a desire to tread the earth ­lightly.  And this clean air requires clean ­energy, which is largely electrical at the ­receiving end, although the original source (such as solar, wind or natural gas) is still an essential ­factor that needs to be taken into ­consideration.

Electricity, then, is a convincing solution on the surface, but there are bigger questions lurking just beneath the skin. In the Indian context, critics have asked, “Where will all the electricity come from?” In the United Kingdom, which is contemplating a complete swi­tch to ­alternative power...

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