27 July, 2021

Posting An Untruth

'Washington Post' admits its front page story about President Clinton averting an Indo-Pak war was a White House plant

Posting An Untruth
On July 26, those dealing with and reporting on South Asian affairs in Washington were taken aback by a front-page story in the Washington Post which claimed that President Clinton's personal mediation averted a full-scale Indo-Pak war (perhaps even a nuclear conflict). Quoting unnamed US administration officials, the report said US spy-satellites had shown India preparing to launch an all-out attack over the LoC and the administration feared things might escalate into a nuclear war were Pakistan forced to play the nuclear card if pushed into a corner.

In New Delhi, a foreign ministry spokesman denied the claims to enlarge the conflict, and described them as 'ill-conceived and unfounded'. The Pakistan army, he asserted, had assumed aggressive postures all along the LoC and the international border, thereby making it imperative for the Indian forces to take the 'required defensive measures, including remaining in a state of alert'. Moreover, as observers point out, official spokesmen of the president, the state department and the Pentagon consistently held that India had acted...

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