14 May, 2021

Post-Mortem Of A Bull

The JPC is ready with its findings. What's left is the final scrutiny, read diluting the report.

Post-Mortem Of A Bull
The end of the tunnel is in sight. After 18 months and three extensions, the Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) investigating the stockmarket scam of 2001 expects to wrap up its findings by the end of this month. "It's been long and arduous, but at last we have reached the terminal leg of the probe. What's left is the final scrutiny," says a panel member.

But as last-minute touches are being made to the final draft, a copy of which is with Outlook, it seems that a few sections are likely to be further diluted, to protect the interests groups within the JPC itself. "It's a battle of wits now. To build a consensus, the report will have to be a compromise. Anyway, one cannot expect a JPC probe to be as sharp as a representation of an NGO," says another member.

In fact, from the very outset, certain members of the panel have been under virulent attack from fellow colleagues for alleged proximity with those tainted in the scam. And it has been evident that the role of a few politicians, officials and corporates would be sanitised. Going by the current mood, expect...

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