13 June, 2021

Post Box No. 420

The Mumbai police chief is accused of conniving in the fake stamp paper scam. And he may just be one of the small fry. More Coverage .

Indian Express
Post Box No. 420
In 1995, when the first case for selling fake stamp papers was registered against Abdul Karim Telgi in Mumbai, it merited a small mention in the police briefing. No one could then fathom that the small-time operator would become the kingpin behind a Rs 30,000-crore scandal that would rock the Maharashtra government. It has brought to light a long line of willing collaborators—from politicians and bureaucrats to top officers of the state police. Telgi's business—an operation with a network of 72 centres spanning nine states—could have only flourished with official patronage.

The magnitude of the scandal, as it slowly unspools before a shocked nation, underscores the systemic rot. Telgi's nexus with law enforcers at the inspector general and police commissioner levels has caused public outrage. So far, 65 people, including a dozen senior police officials, two MLAs and a lawyer have been arrested for their collusion with Telgi. In fact, even the Delhi Police has arrested two people, Sushant Kumar Dass and Lalit Patodi, on charges of facilitating Telgi's fake dealings by...

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