16 June, 2021

Pose The Question

As always, the Congress closes ranks but was Rajiv really out of the loop on Bhopal?

Pose The Question

Family First

  • Congress cites media reports from 1984 to establish that Rajiv did not know of Anderson leaving the country and skipping bail.
  • Off the record, Congressmen say Narasimha Rao took all the decisions after Bhopal.
  • All aam aadmi reforms credited to Sonia and Rahul. The harsh economic and law and order decisions pinned on others.
  • The first family never dirties its hands with the hurly-burly of parliamentary management—2008’s confidence vote over the N-deal is a clear example.


The May-June issue of Congress mouthpiece Sandesh is instructive in as much as how much family still matters. The cover story is about ‘One year of UPA-2’, a transcript of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s press conference on May 24, but the rest of the newsletter is all about the first family. There is a piece on ‘Nehru and Democracy’, another on ‘Gokhale to Motilal Nehru’....

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