24 November, 2020

Popping Pills Of Ecstasy

The hip and happening discover a dangerous, new way to live it up

Popping Pills Of Ecstasy

It's the choice of the new, post-liberalisation generation. Always on the lookout for a new high, new ways to cope with the sameness and ennui of modern existence, India's jetsetting young have found salvation in the new party drug, Ecstasy, or E as it is referred to among the hip. Goa, Bombay and now Delhi are where it's happening the most.

That E is for the elite, for at Rs 1,200 a pill, it remains a rich man's trip. No wonder it is called a 'designer drug'. And with derivatives like Pink Champagne, which make for a 'better' trip, the cost can shoot up to Rs 2,000. With the high lasting for four hours, users often consume more than one pill a night. Of course, prices vary since Ecstasy is smuggled into the country and supply can be erratic. In Mumbai, where availability is better than in Delhi, one can even trip up on Rs 1,000 on a good day. As Dr Yusuf Merchant, who heads Drug Abuse Rehabilitation and Information Centre in Mumbai, notes, "Ecstasy is getting increasingly popular among richer students."

The synthetic drug's popularity owes much to the trip it the trip...



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