25 September, 2020

Pop Goes Culture

The new infotech culture causes a shift in a whole way of life

Pop Goes Culture
THE Swiss playwright and novelist, Max Frisch, had described technology in his celebrated novel, A Wilderness of Mirrors, as the "knack of so arranging the world that we no longer need to experience it". With the rapid advance of technology—what would happen to our 'ways of life' and 'the structures of feeling' with its salient areas of 'knowledge, beliefs, law, morals and customs?' Cable and satellite communication spread via camcorders, e-mail, desk-top publishing, video recorders, the Internet, virtual reality and High Definition Television (HDTV) have already changed our perceptions across the board from high culture to popular culture of the masses. Anthony Smith in his T.S. Eliot Memorial lectures published as Software for the Self: Culture and Technology believes that because media and information highways have created a public sphere, a neutral zone through which relevant information passes and is by its very nature free, the division between minority/popular culture has disappeared and everyone is in the same melting pot.

Smith examines the shape of...



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