13 June, 2021

Pooja Bhatt

For no fault of hers, the actress finds herself in an unsavoury photo scandal

Pooja Bhatt
Someone superimposes your face on a semi-nude body on the Net. Then a film magazine downloads it on its cover. Isn't this a loaded life that you lead?
This is an occupational hazard that has gone too far this time. The police, mahila mandals, Stardust, India Today and others have turned this issue into a circus.

What is your reaction to this unpleasant episode?
I will first take action against the mahila mandal which chose to make allegations in spite of being aware of my non-involvement. It annoys me that we glorify sex symbols one day and make them apologise the next.

Do you want a place in the sun as a star or the arclights as an actress?
I want to be a star who acts as well.

Is your transformation in Tamanna your best to date?
It is. Not because of the role but because I was part of creating something that was relevant. The film has highlighted the plight of eunuchs and female infanticide.

There are rumours that the source behind Tamanna feels shortchanged.
That's not true. But I must...

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