25 November, 2020

'Polls Are An Obstacle To Talks With Pakistan'

The US hasn't got a handle to interfere in Kashmir because of its help during the Kargil conflict, says external affairs minister Jaswant Singh. It's been a diplomatic and a military victory for India. He spoke to Sunil Narula extensively on the post

'Polls Are An Obstacle To Talks With Pakistan'
Kargil is seen as a diplomatic triumph, with Pakistan isolated. But it has also internationalised Kashmir...
The first aspect that I must comment upon is that Kargil is both a military and a diplomatic success. I say this as essentially a military man that the challenge the armed forces were confronted with was formidable. It redounds to the great credit of the armed forces who evicted them from 90 per cent of the area before they began withdrawing. We at the MEA had set ourselves a task right in the beginning: to win this war without having to fight it. Secondly, the MEA must so protect the defence ministry's international flank that our armed forces can operate with the greatest flexibility and freedom.

On internationalisation, let's be clear that in this day of instant televised news from any part of the world, international interest will get focused on however localised a conflict. Second, if the two sides involved have nuclear weapons capability, the world will sit up and take note. But if we equate this interest to internationalising, by which I mean...



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