25 January, 2021

Pokistan, Did You Perchance See That Exhibition?

Pakistan’s merciless Baloch policy follows a cretinous logic all its own

Pokistan, Did You Perchance See That Exhibition?

For all those who watched the farcical press conference in Islamabad of a national security advisor waving a dossier that seeks to blame India for all Pakistan’s ills in Balochistan, we the Balochi people have this to say—the Baloch nation of over 20 million people is spread acr­­oss Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan. And in the thousands of years of our existence, our steady marginalisation, victimisation and depletion of our numbers by Islamabad in the last 67 years has been unparalleled. We are ignored, bound and chained in a bleak no-man’s land, cut off  from the rest of the world. This is the story of Pakistan-occupied Balochistan.

Last fortnight, Allah Nizar Baloch, leader of Baloch Lib­eration Front (BLF), became the latest casualty of the Pakistan military’s operations in Balochistan, deep inside Awaran. They have eliminated virtually every member of Dr Nizar’s family and have now, by all accounts, killed him as well.

There is a total media blackout on events in Balochistan, where frequent military operations are...



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