18 June, 2021

Point Of Order

Few are happy with the CJI’s certificate to Modi

Jitender Gupta
Point Of Order

On January 15, 1980, a day after Indira Gandhi was made prime minister, having won with a whopping majority for the Congress, Justice P.N. Bhagwati, then a judge of the Supreme Court, wrote to her: “You have become the symbol of the hopes and aspirations of the poor, hungry millions of India, who had so far nothing to hope for and nothing to live for. I am sure with your iron will and firm determination, uncanny insight and dynamic vision, great administrative capacity and vast experience, overwhelming love and affection of the people, and above all, a heart which is identified with the misery of the poor and the weak,  you will be able to steer the ship of the nation.”

That letter had led to protests in legal and political circles. For it is disturbing that a judge of the highest court of the land—which is expected to uphold the Constitution and impartially pronounce judgements on the government if the need arises—should praise the executive head. And this was a prime minister who only years ago kept the nation chained during the dark days of...

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