24 July, 2021

Point Is In Numbers

An alumni event of Calcutta’s mighty South Point is a crush of thousands

Sandipan Chatterjee
Point Is In Numbers

Alumni associations are ideal for people who want to go back. But supposing you don’t want to? Many people don’t, because they dislike looking backwards, and they’re awkward in crowds. Observe your child closely. Does he or she look miserable at birthday parties? If so, it  may be too late, but you can still get your child into South Point High School.

I was there, and I’ve never regretted it. We had around 70 children per section, and over 20 sections per class. Saying “we both studied in Class IX in South Point in 1986” is like saying “we both once caught a train at Sealdah station at 9 PM”. Your chances of actually knowing each other are equally slim. There’s also the law and order situation to consider. In a section of 70 kids, there is no way a teacher can know what’s going on in the last few benches. That means that many thousands of us were raised in a regulation-free environment where, like the Lok Sabha, the long arm of the law could never reach us. Things used to happen there that I would never...

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