27 January, 2021

Poet In The Marketplace

Nasreen asks the right questions, and Javed answers with honesty. In the process, the reader learns...

Poet In The Marketplace
My first reaction on reading this book was that a book on the writing of Hindi film songs was overdue. Films play an enormous role in the lives of the average Indian. We produce more films than any country in the world, over a thousand a year, which translates to three films a day! Songs are an inextricable part of Hindi films. In the past, a lyricist had almost the same importance as the music composer, but in recent times this equation seems to have been distorted, with melody, or the lack of it, gaining a disproportionate primacy over words. Javed Akhtar, undoubtedly the reigning lyricist today, has contributed greatly to setting the balance right. This book deserves to be read by all those interested in Indian cinema precisely for that.

The best part of Talking Songs is the conversation between Nasreen Munni Kabir and Javed Akhtar. Nasreen, who lives in London, and is a governor on the board of the British Film Institute, is an authority on Indian films. She has written several books on Hindi cinema, and has made documentaries on Guru Dutt and, more recently, on...



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