26 February, 2021

Pluck Not The Surangi

Cong, BJP? No, our anti-nature, anti-people policies are bipartisan

Illustration by Saahil
Pluck Not The Surangi

As we picked wild berries on the Goa University campus, some years ago, my gardener friend Eknath exulted, “Laloo of the RJD is behind bars! Let us hope that the Congress CM of Goa, who is brazenly colluding with miners to ruin our fields and waters, will also get a dose of the same medicine.” Soon after, the Justice M.B. Shah commission on illegal mining in Goa said in its report: “No inspection of the mines has been carried out, resulting in grave losses to the ecology, environment, agriculture, groundwater, streams, ponds, rivers, biodiversity etc.” It estimated illegal gains of Rs 35,000 crore, indicting as conspirators the erstwhile CM and many netas and babus. During the next elections, the BJP promised firm action. Hoping against hope, the people gave it a strong mandate. My friend Eknath and many others are now bitter that the new government has turned its back completely on its promises, continuing to support the same narrow, anti-nat­ure, anti-people interests as before.

All in the name of development, of course. But what is...

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