27 January, 2021

Please Save The Party

For the survival of Indian democracy, we can do without Rao but not without Congress

Please Save The Party

CONSIDER this cautionary tale: a highly respected 111-year-old company, which for most of its commercial life not only made profits but operated as brand leader, is in very serious trouble. In the last five years, the company, under a new management, shows signs of gradual decline and then swiftly moves towards bankruptcy. Much to their horror, the shareholders discover that the person who doubles as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer has not only been guilty of gross mismanagement but he and his cronies (some of who are in jail) have systematically looted the organisation and indulged in other criminal activity. Not surprisingly, a cry goes up insisting that the culpable chief be sacked and replaced by a dynamic MD and CEO whose personal integrity is high. Happily, the firm has on its payroll employees who fit the bill for company renewal. Meanwhile, the corrupt management resists removal shamelessly; it is only the imminence of a jail sentence which forces the leader to quit. Subsequently, the directors of the company get together in order to...



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