29 September, 2020

Please Don't Go

Not military aid, India should help Lanka find a political solution

Please Don't Go

Preoccupied with Pakistan’s proxy war in Kashmir and other parts of the country, the latest developments in the seemingly interminable conflict in Sri Lanka have come as something of a rude awakening for India.

Colombo describes the military situation as "serious". And as that country’s only neighbour, it has expectedly turned to India for assistance. New Delhi, therefore, has to quickly identify its options. While doing so, the previous IPKF experience would naturally loom large. Incidentally, it’s well worth remembering that the IPKF performed magnificently in that country, though this isn’t much consolation for the families of those killed or maimed in that venture.

Direct military intervention or assistance is thus automatically ruled out. In any case, India’s military is currently comprehensively occupied in preparing to face any Pakistani misadventure and countering its proxy war. The next option involves massive military supplies to Sri Lanka, a step fraught with its own hazards. It could irk Tamil Nadu public opinion and...



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